Tuesday, March 31, 2009

From UTube to Blog

This week I have removed all my card videos from Utube. I'm not much of a videographer, and only put some on Utube for the benefit of some customers who wanted to see a card in motion. There were no new videos posted there since I discovered a while ago that videos could be added to Blogger.

So now I have added a link in the left column called "card videos", where you can view the UTube versions, added to my original posts here on my blog.

There are more to come, as its taking me time to find the original matching posts. The waterfall style card above and the cemetary card below were made awhile ago, and I can't seem to find a matching older blog post for them.


Molly said...

That's a lovely card you're created! I've been admiring your work and you've done some wonderful things -- I especially like your snow angel card -- so clever!

I make mechanical cards on etsy as well -- there aren't that many of us.

Just a note: one advantage to posting your videos on UTube (as opposed to Blogger) is that you have more space there. Video takes up a ton of room and there's a limit as to the amount memory they allot you on Blogger...

Keep creating! It's fun to watch -- I've only just discovered your blog and it's been a fun read...

Cornerstone said...

Molly - thank you for the compliments!

I have to admit I became a little frustrated with UTube a while back. People would want instructions for what they saw, and my pitiful video skills just weren't going to allow me to show how the card was made. I tried to give some general guidance in the comments section when asked, but there were still folks who couldn't understand what I meant. Utube wouldn't post any comments which contained links to this blog or other places that did have instructions.

It had been over a year since I had last posted a new video there, and I was still getting email requests for instructions from frustrated viewers. I thought it would just be better (for now) to just remove them.

On the flip side, I love watching UTube videos myself! And it was great for exposure.

cpeep said...

Okay, I just had to get on the same comment page with you guys. (Hi Molly!)

Whenever I think about shooting the video and re-formatting it for the web, and, and, and ...I just sit down and have a cup of tea until the urge passes.

And your point is well taken about YouTube not allowing links. I like to be able to bring together information from all over the place!

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Anonymous said...

Hope all is well - we miss your posts!