Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Card Display - Cheap and Easy

Yes, it's the last minute before a craft show and I needed a way to display cards. My requirements: to be able to see over the tabletop display (24" high), reach around the display (18" wide), and be as light as possible (thin particle board). These were made from stuff I had around the house, with the exception of the flashing (under $3 for 10 feet and glued on with E-6000). Even the hinges are upcycled and put on with craft brads, so that I can take them off later. I may add a safety chain towards the bottom of the 'V' but so far the boards are not sliding around at all on the tablecloth.

1 comment:

Merry said...

Love it....thanks for the how to. I am always looking for an idea to display my cards at markets. This looks nice and easy.