Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spinning Skater Tutorial part 2

Punch a very small hole in the skater at both the top and bottom, then thread a string thru each hole.

Add paper tabs on to the string using any method you'd like. I just used a 1/16" punch to add two holes in each tab for the string and then wrapped it and added glue.
Glue and slide the tabs in to the slots, adjusting them to have just a tiny bit of tension to the skater. Lay the card flat and closed, with the skater centered, to make sure she is positioned correctly.
Once the glue is dry, wind her up on her string axis, and close up the card. The simple extending of the card in to the open position should send her twirling! (Don't forget to wind her up before you put her in the envelope.)

A video of her in motion will be coming soon to this blog, but right now you can find one of the spinning snowflake on U-tube.

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