Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spinning Skater Tutorial

There have been a few requests for directions on how how to make this card. It's not the easiest one in the world to make, so if you attempt this, please don't use the 'good' paper right away.

I have made this card using snowflakes, shrinky dinks, skaters, photos, and ballerinas. Anything that would look good spinning would work. For the prupose of the tutorial I am using a skater, and leaving off any embellishments to keep the photos simpler.

1. Cut out the spinning skater from double layered paper/cardstock. She will need to be pretty sturdy to hold up to all the spinning. (For something super strong, try making her out of shrink plastic.) My skater measures 3 1/2" high and 2 " wide.

2. Cut out the border from double layered paper cardstock, using the dimensions in the photo. Make a valley fold 3" from one end, and a mountain fold 3" from the other
3. Embellish the skater and border at this time. I'm skipping this step... 4. Now for the tricky part. Take the non-blade edge of your exacto and separate the layers a little in the center section on both the top and bottom. You'll be tucking in the paper tabs here later.

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