Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pillow Mania

Over the past year I've been collecting discounted suede and faux suede remnants from the scrap section of JoAnn's. (If you buy pieces there that are under one yard, you get them for 50% off the already discounted price.)
Included with my new remnants are pieces of my old pillows that I am reusing, such as the zippers.
These are the first four of six I'm making for my living room. Since they have zippers cleaning will be easy, but the pillow forms inside are very disappointing. I purchased 20" forms for 20" covers and they just don't fill out the pillows as much as I'd like. The search is on to find plumper pillow forms! These piecework pillows should be stretched smooth.
The patterns all my own, sketched on graph paper before cutting. Two more to go...

My favorite so far is this brick one, inspired by my fireplace, although if I make one again, the bricks will be bigger and the grout lines thinner.

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