Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scenic Flats Tutorial

This is a basic assembly tutorial for a scenic flats style card. Use these directions to assemble your own design, my measurements don't really matter since they can be changed to suit your ideas! Remember to use tacky glue for strength, and not a glue stick, paste, spray glue, or school glue. Speckled 100% recycled cardstock is used for this project.

Assemble your elements; for this card I've created 6 buildings, five that will be layered and have a 3/8" flap on the bottom. Double click on any pics to see what I'm talking about. The 6th doesn't need a flap, since it will be glued flat to the card.
arrange your elements on the lining of the card to determine positoning. Most times it will be the tallest in the back to shortest in the front.

On the back of the lining, very lightly draw guidelines to determine your spacing. For this card, I'm using 1/2" spacing. In this picture the first element is glued in: always start with the one closest to the crease of the lining, and work outward. A slit was cut on the guidline, and the flap/tab was pulled thru to the back and glued. This is called hidden tab construction, and makes for a neater view on the front. Tabs should also be glued towards the crease of the card.

Here all five elements have been attached....

...and this is what the front should look like so far.

Now you have to add more hidden tabs. Again start with the one closest to the card's fold. Since I am using 1/2" spacing, the tab will have to be 1/2" as well. Placing of this tab should take into consideration the size of the element, and whether it will be seen easily from the front. You'll want to hide it as much as possible. Make the slot for the tab from the back first, then glue it to the element second. Check placement for each element's tab immediately by opening and closing the card completely. If you don't do this you could wind up with a card that won't close right! Move on to the next element only after the glue is dry.

Correct placement will produce a vertical element that is parallel with the card.

If you did it right, all elements will be parallel with each other :)

A view from the top, and then you can finish the card as you would any other card. And here is the finished product:


1CardCreator said...

I love the idea of the buildings, that looks so cool. Thanks for sharing, your instructions are very clear.

1CardCreator said...

Sorry, I must be blind, I have found your etsy links, I got buried in all the lists of other etsians, I can't believe I missed it. It was well worth looking for, I did look through your sold items too. I loved them all. I love the pop up cards, I've made a few myself, so I can appreciate all the work involved.